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How to Create a Happy Work Environment for Your Software Team

You have probably heard at least one I-hate-Monday joke. What if…you had the power to make your office a place where people are happy to come to work?

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What to Expect from Your Software Development Company

In a world driven by technology, building a mobile app or online store may boost your business. What do you do if you don’t have an internal IT team?

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11 Useful Tips on How to Motivate a Development Team

You’ve heard the saying ̶ treat others the way you want them to treat you. It’s applicable in so many situations, even in the exciting world of technology.

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Why Start-Ups Fail

The Start-Up world is in right now and everyone has a great idea they want to bring to life. This world is new and exciting, and everyone seems to want to jump on this roller coaster of a ride. Unfortunately the success odds aren’t great. We have all heard that 90% of start-ups fail. Did you also know that of that only 10% of the successful businesses make it past $250k? It gets even slimmer with only 4% of successful businesses making it past the one million dollar mark. There are a couple of reasons why start-ups fail and they have nothing to do with your awesome idea. I am here to tell you that your idea, as cool as it might be, isn’t that important in the big picture.

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Ruby On Rails: Why We Built A Business On It

Thinking about starting a business? Have an idea that you want brought to life?

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Front-End versus Back-End Development for the Non-Coder

Back-end and front-end web development are two, very different, yet cohesive parts that make up the internet we know and love. In a world of developers, even mentioning which web language may be more dominant is likely to start a war than have a positive outcome. The important thing is to recognize that each language was created for different reasons, but ultimately can be put into two categories, front-end or back-end. Simply put, back-end developers can be compared to the mechanical aspects of the car like the engine, transmission, and the brake lines, while front-end developers are more like the visual aspects that the driver interacts with, such as the steering wheel, gas pedals, and dashboard.

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What Is The Difference Between a Web Application And A Website?

There are so many different terms and acronyms these days involving the Internet and technology in general. I am not sure how people stay up to date. I almost feel like I am learning another language trying to follow everything that is being said. Luckily for me, my 10-month-old daughter will soon be able to be my translator; however until that time I am left figuring it out for myself. One question I have been trying to answer is describing what is a web app, and why it differs from a website.

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5 Traits You Should Always Look for Before Hiring a Software Developer

I’m going to ask a simple question and I want you to pay close attention to how you react, your anxiety level, and whether a welt grows in your throat: Have you ever tried to hire a software developer?

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The ABCs of Technical Consulting

As children, we are all taught our ABC’s in pre-school. From that young age all the way through earning a college degree, we follow a prescribed cirriculum, grade levels, and performance guidelines so that we can advance our understanding of the world and be productive, independent adults. My personal journey learning and growing as a technology consultant bears many similarities to grade school and college. I had to first learn my Technical Consulting ABC’s before I became an expert.

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