You’ve heard the saying ̶ treat others the way you want them to treat you. It’s applicable in so many situations, even in the exciting world of technology.

If you’re a business owner or manager of a team of software developers, remember that saying as you lead them. You are surrounded by techies, but don’t panic! Motivating them to do their best work is possible.

In general, as with your other company staff, techies will appreciate if you offer them a supportive and competent manager who will listen and be reasonable. Since techies have a unique role in the company, they also require access to advanced technology. How else do you motivate them?

The following 11 tips for motivating your software developers are derived from real business situations:

1. Involvement

Your team will perform better if they are invested in the success of the project. Let them know the problems that their work is solving. Tell them how their work is helping the company or the client. While the final result of their efforts should always be a perfect product, it’s better when the team is emotionally involved in the project.

2. Set realistic goals and deadlines

Nothing kills motivation like an unrealistic deadline – except for work that is not challenging enough. Try to balance goals and deadlines so that your developers are neither bored nor burned out. Good planning is the key to success here.

3. Recognize their achievements

Almost everyone longs for recognition of their capabilities, efforts, and achievements. If your developers have worked hard and done a great job, don’t hesitate to give them public praise.

4. Access to advanced technology

It’s clear that technology is constantly changing, and techies are known to pride themselves on keeping up with the latest trends. Providing them access to advanced technology keeps them motivated to use the best tools available.

5. Home office and flexible work hours

Software Developers are not like other employees in the company. The way they function is very different too. Working from home and having flexible hours can increase their productivity. If you trust a techie to get their work done, you’ll win a loyal team member who will do their best to produce quality work.

6. Have them motivate each other

Employ brainy and innovative people on the team and just sit back and watch how much they influence each other. As a result, teamwork will be highly improved. Smart, isn’t it?

7. Opportunities for growth and development

If your development team is given regular opportunities for training and learning, they will be motivated to reach their full potential. Opportunity for promotion within the company is also motivating.

8. Pleasant workplace

It’s not necessary for your office to look like Google’s in California, but it will pay you back to provide a cool, modern and comfortable workplace for your developers. Try to keep a positive atmosphere by avoiding too much stress and unnecessary tension.

9. Empower

Don’t be afraid to give freedom to your software developers to make some decisions related to their work. Of course, there are guidelines and policies that must be followed, but otherwise allow the technical staff to determine, for example, which coding standards, processes or tools to apply.

10. Respect their personality

Software developers are usually proud of their high intelligence and advanced technical aptitude. They’ll be grateful if you respect their individualism and unique capabilities and let them have their voice.

11. Attractive compensation package

An attractive compensation, benefits, and bonus program is last but definitely not least. One of the greatest motivators for anyone, but for IT developers in particular, is a competitive compensation package. Keep your staff happy be arranging an attractive compensation and bonus program just for them, and by providing benefits such as medical insurance.

Knowing how to motivate technical teams is an important soft skill for managers. By applying the above tips, you’ll be on your way to motivating your development team.

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