How to Create a Happy Work Environment for Your Software Team
Published on December 28 2016 by Lauren Schneidewind

You have probably heard at least one I-hate-Monday joke. What if…you had the power to make your office a place where people are happy to come to work?

Hiring the right specialists for your software team is critical but is not enough. There are some practical ways to create a work environment that is pleasant, supportive and inspiring. As a result, your employees will become more motivated and will perform better.


Decorate & keep the place neat and tidy.

When decorating your office, think about what you want to express. What would you think about your company, if you were a visitor coming to your office for the first time? Keeping the office neat and tidy is healthier and cuts down on distractions. Decorating in accordance with your brand will also help your team stay connected with your mission.

The ergonomic factor.

Conditions like back pain or eye strain can affect the overall productivity of your employees. Investing in ergonomic design related to proper placement of keyboards and monitors, and in items such as comfortable chairs, will result in a healthier work environment and happier team members.

Grow air-purifying plants.

People who work in an unhealthy environment suffer from respiratory diseases, allergies, permanent headaches and sore eyes. What can you do? In your office, try growing these proven air purifiers: Weeping Fig and Bamboo Palm (they remove benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene from the air), Peace Lily (removes ammonia), and Aloe Vera.

Have a relaxation zone & play area.

Another way to keep your employees motivated and fresh is by encouraging them to take regular breaks. Organize a fun relaxation zone with a comfortable sofa or colorful bean bags. Make it look like a garden or even have a theme, such as inspired by Star Wars. Have a multiplayer game like foosball or billiards.

Organize a mini library.

Create a mini library, full of books that will improve the technical competence of your employees, as well as their soft skills. By enlarging their scope of knowledge, they will be able to brainstorm creative, new ideas.

Attitude & team management

Offer growth & development opportunities.

Communicate with your employees and understand what they want to achieve in their future. Some of them would prefer to develop their technical specialization, while others would choose the management path. Whatever their plans, think of ways to let them continue growing within your company.

Coach but not micromanage.

It’s interesting that looking over an employee’s shoulder all the time has a negative impact - frustration, low productivity, and lack of creativity. Don’t micromanage. However, be sure that your team members will ask you for assistance when they need it. 

Allow flexible work hours.

Surprisingly, companies with more flexible work time policies have more loyal employees. Software development is very particular work. Sometimes specialists involved in such projects need to stay late to tackle a problem. That is why you shouldn’t demand an employee who needs to work late come to work the next day early in the morning at exactly 9 am, no matter what.

Show your appreciation.

Most employees complain that they don’t feel appreciated by their company. Say “thank you,” or “nice job” or “you really made a contribution to this project.” Such simple but significant words will increase an employee’s motivation enormously. When people see that their work matters, they will try to do it even better.

Invest in professional development.

Consider subsidizing classes, online courses, or conference attendance for those team members who want it. Support their desire to improve their skills and increase their contacts within your industry.

Outside the box ideas

Make your office an exhibition hall.

Contact local artists and let them display their artwork in your office. As a result, you will not only add a unique style to your workplace, but your company will make a contribution to the local community.

Volunteer as a team.

It is satisfying to help someone in need. It’s even better when there are other enthusiasts to support you. Choose a cause and dedicate some time during work hours to volunteer as a team. Such activities create a strong bond between team members and will increase your company’s influence in the community.

Get a canine companion.

Having a dog in the office may sound strange to some people. However, this is an excellent way to increase team members’ productivity, reduce stress and encourage close communication between them.

Want to achieve a win/win situation? Apply the tips above and your team members will begin to love Mondays. What about you? You will be proud to own a prosperous company where people come to work with enthusiasm!

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