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Ruby On Rails: Why We Built A Business On It

Thinking about starting a business? Have an idea that you want brought to life?

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Front-End versus Back-End Development for the Non-Coder

Back-end and front-end web development are two, very different, yet cohesive parts that make up the internet we know and love. In a world of developers, even mentioning which web language may be more dominant is likely to start a war than have a positive outcome. The important thing is to recognize that each language was created for different reasons, but ultimately can be put into two categories, front-end or back-end. Simply put, back-end developers can be compared to the mechanical aspects of the car like the engine, transmission, and the brake lines, while front-end developers are more like the visual aspects that the driver interacts with, such as the steering wheel, gas pedals, and dashboard.

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Tips and Tricks For Your Development Environment

Have you ever wondered what tools we use to develop quickly and seamlessly transition between work for clients? Or perhaps what things you can do to increase your efficiency and the value of each day. One of our developers has written a post detailing this information and what he does to ensure maximum productivity while he works on the awesome project you’ve sent our way. Read more at The 3 Vital Parts of My Ruby on Rails Development Environment: Tools, Configuration, Location.

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What Is The Difference Between a Web Application And A Website?

There are so many different terms and acronyms these days involving the Internet and technology in general. I am not sure how people stay up to date. I almost feel like I am learning another language trying to follow everything that is being said. Luckily for me, my 10-month-old daughter will soon be able to be my translator; however until that time I am left figuring it out for myself. One question I have been trying to answer is describing what is a web app, and why it differs from a website.

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5 Traits You Should Always Look for Before Hiring a Software Developer

I’m going to ask a simple question and I want you to pay close attention to how you react, your anxiety level, and whether a welt grows in your throat: Have you ever tried to hire a software developer?

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The ABCs of Technical Consulting

As children, we are all taught our ABC’s in pre-school. From that young age all the way through earning a college degree, we follow a prescribed cirriculum, grade levels, and performance guidelines so that we can advance our understanding of the world and be productive, independent adults. My personal journey learning and growing as a technology consultant bears many similarities to grade school and college. I had to first learn my Technical Consulting ABC’s before I became an expert.

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