Did you know that most of your favorite websites use the web application Ruby on Rails? Among them are Twitter, Airbnb, Bloomberg, GitHub, GoodReads, Groupon, Jobster, Sound Cloud, and Spree Commerce. Are you planning a website or online component for your small business? Read on for the reasons why these companies prefer Ruby on Rails.

Get your website developed faster

The ability to get a product to market as fast as possible is a top priority. Ruby on Rails is built for speed. Boring, repetitive coding is eliminated with shortcuts in the software including Convention over Configuration and Don’t Repeat Yourself. Thanks to built-in shortcuts, development work is faster, and results are visible sooner. With Ruby on Rails, programming of web applications becomes much easier. Coding is logical, consistent and user-friendly. Writing less code and accomplishing more means developers work faster and smarter. Compared to other frameworks and programming languages, Ruby on Rails-based projects are deployed an impressive 30-40% faster.

Get a website that saves you money

You’ll hear Ruby on Rails referred to as having an open source framework. That means it’s free and developers work together to make it better. This saves you money in quite a few ways. First, you save money because you download it for free. Second, there’s no monthly usage expense. Third, you save more money because Ruby on Rails has an international community of thousands of developers continually making it better. That means there’s no expensive annual upgrade. Your project will benefit from receiving quick help in handling various issues. As a result, your website will have less downtime that can be costly and drive customers away. Moreover, you could make use of the numerous helpful and tested plugins and modules available. This way your resources, time and money go towards focusing on your business goals.

Get stellar results

Software developers enjoy working with Ruby on Rails. Additionally, there are so many tools and plugins that common problems related to coding challenges don’t occur. Instead, developers have the time and energy to be creative with your website. Behavior-Driven Development and Test-Driven Development with Ruby on Rails means testing and coding go simultaneously. Clean code is very easy to read and produces a website with fewer glitches. Anything else? Ruby on Rails has a significant role in the current online business development boom. It has become a symbol of this culture, as well as its fuel. Your website will stay up-to-date.

Reduce the hassle factor

With so many ways to hack a website, security is always a focus for the global development community. With Ruby on Rails, developers continually implement new security patches and features while older versions are kept up to date. Small businesses maintain secure applications without spending more. If you still wonder whether Ruby on Rails is secure, take into consideration the fact that it’s the choice of at-risk companies like GitHub and Twitter. Making modifications is not a hassle using Ruby on Rails. A software application product created by one professional is easily understood and updated by another. So, if your original developer isn’t available, there’s no need to panic. And a Ruby on Rails website grows with your business. It’s built to handle more input and output as the volume and complexity of your site grows.

Get a website created by professionals

When choosing a development team for your project using Ruby on Rails, you can be confident that it will be a team comprised of real professionals. How can you be sure? Well, most developers turn to Ruby on Rails after gaining some experience in other programming languages and methodologies. Also, developers who program in Ruby on Rails have access to numerous updates and technologies that become available every day. They are regularly educating themselves to be able to create a modern web product or service of high quality. Keeping up with the latest trends is important to them.

Overall, Ruby on Rails enables developers to efficiently create higher quality web products that save you time and money and easily grow with your business.

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